Emma Christina Lucia Rochester Ph.D.

Emma Rochester. Abundancia 2023. Stoneware and autopaint.


Emma Rochester. Guiglielmo 2023. Whitestone, four types of sand, pebbles, bespoke glazes and underglaze.


Emma Rochester. Thaleia 2022. Stoneware, commercial and bespoke glaze and underglaze.

Emma Rochester. Nimertis 2022. Stoneware, commercial and bespoke glaze and underglaze. Finalist in the Cleveland National Art Awards, 2023.


Emma Rochester. In Her Hands 2017. Bronze, non-toxic and eco-friendly resin. Exhibited at POP Gallery, Queensland College of Art. Photo courtesy Carl Warner. Funded by a Griffith University Postgraduate Research Grant.


Emma Rochester. Longing to Feel 2017. 7 foot 1 digital banner for print on upholstery weight canvas. Funded by a Griffith University Postgraduate Research Grant.


Emma Rochester. Pilgrimage to the Place where the Four Winds Meet 2010. 24-day long-durational performance; camel expedition. Drawings made in situ and translated into a digital fabric design, for construction into corsetry. Stone, fabric, metal fastenings. Exhibited at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology Foyer. Funded by a RMIT Leadership Grant.

Emma Rochester. Agatuccia, Leilo and Abhinathi 2023. Stoneware, and custom made glazes.


Emma Rochester. Turn to Face the Sky 2011. Digital image of preliminary workbook images in response to Picasso's Chapel of War and Peace. Completed whilst on residency at AIR Vallauris, France.

Emma Rochester. One Day Man and Nature will Forgive Each Other in the Meantime there is Recompense in Romanticism 2011. Multi modal art project focusing on 'desire lines.' Enacted whilst artist in residence at Camac Centre d'Arte. The artist in residence was subsidised by the French Ministy of Culture.


Acknowledgement of Country

I, Emma Christina Lucia Rochester acknowledge the many Traditional Custodians of Country throughout The Simpson Desert, Australia and honour their Elders past and present.

I respect their deep connection to their lands, waterways and surrounding clan groups since time immemorial.