Emma Christina Lucia Rochester Ph.D.


The Electronic Drawing Box was made in collaboration with Wayne Starkey. After Starkey asked, 'are you interested in mapping the sound of a place?.'

Starkey is a freelance animatrix who worked on R2/D2 for the recent Star Wars Films. Electronic Drawing Box was used as part of a six-month intensive art practice/exploration of mapping the sound of Emma Rochester's movement in her drawing studio at the RMIT Drawing Department. As the artist walked through her studio, the padding of her feet created noise. Sound which, the 'Electronic Drawing Box' was able to document and chart. The pen moved to the top of the page for high pitch sounds and to the bottom for low pitch noises. Left for low volume and right for high volume creating an intricate web of lines that mapped the process of the artist mapping the space itself.

In a final exhibition event, Starkey and Rochester invited guests to done slippers and spend an evening in the studio whilst The Electronic Drawing Box created a map of the night.