Emma Christina Lucia Rochester Ph.D.


Emma Rochester. One Day Man & Nature Will Forgive Each Other: In the meanwhile there is recompense in Romanticism 2011. Multi channel moving image installation, custom designed fabirc and wildflowers.


In 2011 Emma Rochester was Artist In Residence at CAMAC Centre for Art, in Marnay sur Seine France. Here she mapped ‘Desire Lines.’ ‘Desire lines’ is the term given to trails or pathways that are not paved but are created by repetitive use over time often through erosion caused by pedestrian traffic. In most cases they are created in order to create shortcuts between towns and or paved roads.

In ‘One Day Man and Nature’ the artist takes her maps of desire lines, and creates a two channel video installation. Focusing on the soft sensuous side of nature as she tread eroded trails she recreates in the gallery an installation steeped in ideas of alters, sacred art and feminine beauty.

On each screen one can see the fabric –created by the artist during the residency- bound or draped over herself as she sits, floats, and walks along the ‘desire lines’. Thereby inserting herself into the landscape and creating a new representation of place. These video works can be seen as an enactment of the whimsical, evocative, fleeting memories of the Romanticism Emma Rochester experienced whilst walking the 'desire’ paths.