Emma Christina Lucia Rochester Ph.D.


Emma Rochester. Weaving the River's Edge 2012. Long durational performance. Photos courtesy of Drew Halyday.


Emma Christina Lucia Rochester. Longing Place of Soft Water 2012. Inset of bespoke digital fabric design.

In the image we see golden green cloth being woven into a twig like structure at dawn. Mist floats in and around the structure creating an ephemeral mystic notion of reality.

Inside the structure Emma Rochester sits taking lengths of custom made cloth and making small movements to weave the fabric over and in between twigs. The gentleness of this movement is in stark contrast to the dormant power of this river, The Murrumbidgee in Regional New South Wales.

These photographs taken by Drew Halyday document a long-duration performance where Rochester explored cyclical repetition, ritual and gesture through weaving a dwelling structure positioned by the edge of the river.

Below is a note from the artist's journal:


Now my fingers are cracked, there are blisters in the ā€˜Vā€™ between the fingers of my hands and there is blood on the half moons of my nails. These hands exposed to the winds and the cold and the mist were in this place, in this dwelling in repetitive ritualised gesture so that they became mechanised. After the completion of the performance, like a rhythm that could not be broken, with aching body, my hands continued to weave for another two hours.