Emma Christina Lucia Rochester Ph.D.


Emma Rochester. Lucid Beckoning Heart 2012. Custom designed digital fabric, silk crepe de chine and sea grass.

'Lucid beckoning heart', depicts the gateway of the pulse tic beat of the heart. In swirl like energy the woven structure, moves ever outwards from a central point in circular fashion. Like the echoes of a beating heart each woven segments moves in undulating waves. This allows a central point to be found within the spiraling motion of fabric –the point at the right-hand-side of the heart known in mysticism as the point of creation from which the body grows. And from this point, custom designed fabric spills out like a waterfall. Reminiscent of the way energy travels to different parts of the body from the heart through the capillaries, to support and create the ever expanding diverse form of human life. Interestingly this spilling out, gives the viewer an impression of a waterfall; the waterfall, being one of the oldest shamanic, representations of the feminine.

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