Emma Christina Lucia Rochester Ph.D.


Emma Rochester. Venus with Her Life Interrupted 2011 & 2012. Multi Channel Moving Image Installation. Video, silk crepe de chine, wood, paint, crystal beads and pearls.


Emma Rochester. Venus with Her Life Interrupted 2011. Digital fabric design for the Cyprus College of Art.

Hot pink, sequins, spray tans, gold bikinis and crystal necklaces these are the feminine impressions of the new Cyprus, an island on the forefront of change, where an emerging Ibiza like life-style appeals to young Brits who travel to the island for cheap thrills. This pill-popping-trance-music environment overlays archaeological sites of the Temples of Aphrodite. Found both inland and along the coastal shores, these ancient sites of veneration have been either forgotten or glamorised. Is this present day cult of beauty a residue of ancient times?

Roses, maps, and sensual pink and mauve lines dominant the fabric design. Each line seen floating in the material was made by Emma Rochester whilst walking in Tamasus, an archaeological site considered to be Aphrodite’s apple grove in Hellenic myth. Meters of this hot pink Silk Crepe de Chine have been crafted into a tent like structure. The central focus of this installation, a pilgrimage tent.

The canopy form is an action of relocation, a metaphoric act of taking a building block from the temple in Cyprus and relocating it within a Gallery – in much the same way as tourists take stones, rocks, pieces of mosaic and fragments of walls as souvenirs from archaeological sites for curiosity cabinets.

Projected onto this fabric framework is a video art work, we see three red rosy apples covered in black lines (it is these lines which were copied and pasted into the design for fabric). We see the artist's hands briefly touching one of these apples as she lays it to rest on an altar of the past. Her hand sweats, the apple sweats: This is the close proximity of heat, and land, and a place of ancient feminine worship.