Emma Christina Lucia Rochester Ph.D.


Emma Rochester. Visceral Beating Drum-beat of Aphrodite's Breath Upon the Wind, 2011. Single channel video installation.

In the heart of the island, there is a place called Kouklia; A site amongst the cliffs, and dry sand where prayers live in the air. Where songs linger, dances are etched into the unseen, and centuries of yearning actively percolate in the dusty sky and earth. In this place calls are made: A clarion to be met, held and honoured by Life. Requests to meet a partner, carry a child, to grow strong, whole and healed. Petitions to forgive, forget, accept, and the courage to say that which needs to be spoken.

Here the sand's have shifted and yet the ruins of the temple remains. Within these traces many still come to dance, to drum, to sing, to cry, to honour, to ask, to seek forgiveness, to give thanks and to give love. Here amongst the memories of requests and prayers and releasing, Emma Rochester walked to acknowledge the memory of these moments, past, present and future.

With many thanks to the Ma Gaia drummers of Cyprus for their deeply felt presence.