Emma Christina Lucia Rochester Ph.D.


Emma Rochester. What is Courtly Love but a Lock of Hair? 2011. Video stills shot on location in the Negev Desert.


Emma Rochester. Desert Mothers 2011. Long durational performance, single channel video and clay. Dimanche Rouge, A boat floating on the Seine, Paris.

'Desert Mothers are to me like Desert Roses’ is a long duration performance of more than three hours. The work examines how the desert winds blows sand into various shapes, the most common of which is the desert rose.


Notes from the artist’s journal discuss the performance below:

The shaping of each rose reminds me of the old saying ‘one stitch to a prayer.’ And so as I shape, and kneed, and mould, I murmur prayers to these women of the desert. My whispered prayers unheard by the audience; diluted by the ambient sound of performance and audience alike.
I kneed the clay. I create the rose. One after the other. The rose a symbol. I create these roses one after the other until I am hemmed in, surrounded by a boundary of singular roses fashioned in an arc around me. Like the desert I am apart, separated from the motions of the everyday.